Stop by our second annual donation drive on Saturday, August 21st any time from 12 pm (noon)  to 3 pm! In addition to accepting supply donations, we will also have our Nail Trim Clinic, PLINKO and Lollipop Tree games with prizes, and digital viewing of adoptable pets! If you would like to have your pocket pet's nails trimmed, please click here to register. Accepted donated items listed below.


Please note that we absolutely cannot accept any rusty or dirty items nor any glass or plexiglass aquariums of any kind. All items should be clean and in good condition with no holes or stains. We reserve the right to reject any items that we are unable to use. 


Below are items that some of our departments are especially in need of:


Transport Team

Medium-sized dog kennels

(for transporting animals)

Animal Care Team


Heat mat thermostat digital thermometers

(for hedgehog habitats)

Heat lamps

(for hedgehog habitats)

Temperature guns

(for hedgehog habitats)

Digital thermometer

(for hedgehog habitats)

Small scales

(to monitor the health of foster pets)

Large scales

(to monitor the health of foster pets)

Unscented, unopened bags of paper bedding such as CareFresh or Yesterday's News

(to provide bedding and litter for foster pets)

Unused wood or lava chews

(to provide dental care and enrichment for foster pets)

Supplies Team


Duct tape

(for building bin cages)

Community Outreach Team


Heavy-duty gloves

(for safely handling animals)