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The Trust Training Program is for pocket pets who are shy, fearful or aggressive.  Most pocket pets are prey animals and if not properly socialized can become very shy or fearful which can sometimes turn to aggression. We work with them consistently and patiently, making baby steps with them to teach them that humans are their friends and are not here to hurt them.


Our methods are:


• Speaking softly. The animals learn to recognize human voices and see that they are not to be a cause for alarm.


• Moving slowly. Fast movements can be startling to a fearful animal.


• Not picking the animal up unless the animal comes to you and if absolutely necessary. If an animal is particularly adverse to being picked up, we use a transport box.


• Identifying and capitalizing on their favorite treats and rewarding any minor or major good behavior with these treats.


• Creating a safe, spacious, quiet and comfortable habitat.


• In some cases, introducing them to a companion animal. Having another critter friend often will help animals gain more confidence.


• Providing enrichment, play and interaction.


• Routine. Animals are more comfortable when they know what to expect from you and what is expected of them.



Animals in the Trust Training Program can and usually do rehabilitate; however if you adopt a pet who has been in this program, it is important that you continue the practices of the program in order to prevent regression.

Do you have questions about our Trust Training Program or need help with your pocket pet who is shy, fearful or aggressive? Feel free to email us for support.

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