MNPPR strives to find the perfect home for each of our foster pets, which means ensuring that they will have an equipped and safe new environment. Just follow the instructions below to get started and we hope to add you to our family soon! Don't hesitate to email us with any questions you might have.

1. Fill out an adoption application here. Be sure to do lots of research on the species you'd like to adopt before filling out your application! You can check out our care guides here.

2. We will review your application, then email you to let you know if you have been tentatively approved and to set up a Virtual Meet & Greet between you, the foster family, and your potential new pets. The Virtual Meet & Greet will be conducted via a service such as Google Meet, Facebook Video, Zoom, etc. 


3. After the Virtual Meet & Greet, we will email you to discuss how it went and if we are to move forward with the adoption process. If so, we will have you email us a photo or video of the habitat or cage you will be housing your new pet in, including furnishings. Housing guidelines and links to recommended cages are listed on each species care guide page. Be sure to review this prior to purchasing a habitat for your new pets and let us know if you have any questions or need help.

4. We will review your habitat or cage photos and email you to let you know if they are approved. If not approved, we will provide suggestions in order to better the habitat.

5. Our Adoption Manager or Adoption Correspondent will contact you to let you know whether you have the approval to move on to adoption. If so, you will then complete our adoption contract, pay the adoption fee online, and arrange a time and date to meet. In accordance with the CDC guidelines, we require that all parties wear face coverings, stay 6 feet apart, and practice sanitation of shared services and hands during the adoption meeting. We reserve the right to delay/deny your adoption day if parties are unwilling to follow these safety precautions. If all goes well at this meeting, you will be taking home your new pet!

6. When you pick up your new pet, be sure to bring a secure carrier to take them home in. You will need to have the habitat set up and all the supplies ready. We do not send home any supplies with adopted animals.

Did you know?


As a rescue organization, we rely on the help and compassion of others. Every donation and adoption fee goes to support the pocket pets in our care. Your adoption fee will help us provide basic necessities such as housing, food, and medical care to each animal we take in. Adoption fees are subject to change. If you are adopting more than 2 pets, email us regarding the adoption fee. We accept credit/debit & checks.















Guinea Pigs


















Sugar Gliders



Animals with icons indicating they are our

Featured Fuzzy 

have a 10% reduced adoption fee.

Animals with icons indicating they are a


have a 25% reduced adoption fee.

Animals with icons indicating they are in


have a 50% reduced adoption fee.



If you are adopting an animal to be a companion for your current pocket pet, we offer the option for you to return the new pet if they are not a good fit within a few weeks with the option to try a different animal or have your adoption fee returned.

Due to the nature of our Meet & Greets and Adoption day processes, we do not recommend bringing your current pocket pet to meet your new pocket pet during these times. 


When you bring your new pocket pet home, place them in their new habitat, away from your other pets. This allows your new pet to settle in and relax a bit before beginning the stress of meeting a new potential friend. Learn more here. This also allows you to monitor your new pet for any signs of illness. While MNPPR provides all of our animals with routine veterinary care, we cannot guarantee the health of an animal, especially since pocket pets tend to hide their illnesses instinctively. Most experts recommend quarantining any new pets from your other pets for 2 - 4 weeks.


Once your new pet has settled in and you are sure it is healthy and relaxed, you can begin introducing your new pet to your existing pets. We are currently working on guides on how to do this for each species. In the meantime, visit our page on bonding for links to pages with helpful information.

Please note, the distance from the foster to adopter location is taken into consideration when approving Critter Courtships.

We are now offering Virtual Bonding Chaperone sessions where you will set up your webcam during a bonding session so one of our volunteers can observe and offer instruction and tips. To participate, please complete a request here.


If you are having trouble with the bonding process, don't give up too quickly, please email us and we may be able to help!

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