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We know that all pets are family and losing any member of your family is a difficult and painful experience. In an effort to provide support, we have compiled a list of resources that can help you navigate through your grief. We also provide a space for you to share a memorial of your beloved furry family member that we will post on our social media and/or on this page.


Sometimes, a small declaration of your love and memories shared with other pocket pet lovers can be a beautiful and healing experience. MNPPR will share your memorial story on our social media page and on this memorial page upon your request pending staff approval.


Check out our comprehensive list of different types of grief resources including support groups, counseling, reading material, and more.




Momo’s favorite foods were strawberries and animal cookie treats. He loved squeaking and laying in his hut. He disliked all wooden chews but tolerated Timothy hay and carrot chews. He loved sharing salad with his best friend, Toby (my dog). His favorite veggies were cucumbers and peppers, of course the cucumbers had to be sliced and peeled. He went to work with my mom in her home office and loved keeping her company for the day. Momo was very special to me and could always make my day better. He left a lasting impact on me and my family. I miss him so much and wish I could talk to him one last time. 


Lynx came to me because she was aggressive and unadoptable to anyone who wasn’t very experienced. Not only did she become the sweetest, most cuddly girl, but she also learned to trust other people. At her last appointment at Maplebrook, she let a vet tech “give her belly rubs.” She would tell you exactly how she felt and always let me have as many cuddles as I needed. We were so lucky to experience such a smart, sassy lady to teach us such true love. 


Greedo was a cute little old man and he made me wonder how an animal could be so small. He loved to curl up in his bedding and sleep. If I accidentally woke him up he would look groggy (with major bedhead). He would wake up, go shove the treats that I brought into his mouth, and then go curl up to sleep again. I am very grateful that I was able to foster Greedo and give him a peaceful place to live out the rest of his life.


Daisy made me so happy; I miss her so much. I loved playing with her and having her crawl around on me. She made me smile when I was having a bad day. She was, and will always be, my baby. I also loved watching her run around on her little wheel. Mommy, Daddy, and everyone else misses you and love you, Daisy.


Schelbi was our chonky girl, the first to wake every night so she could get her wheel run in before snack time. She was the first to greet people at the cage door, and the last to go to bed in the morning. She will be so missed by everyone that met her.


Eyota is the spark that motivated my passion for pocket pets, and my dedication to educating pet owners on the proper care and needs of these amazing critters - ferrets and others alike. 


She was such a sweet girl who would give kisses and snuggles, would stash remotes and stuffed toys inside the sofa, and would never let you go a day without smiling. She will forever be my heart ferret and is the reason I continue to bring ferrets in need into my home to this day whether I am fostering or adopting. Inspire on baby girl, you are deeply missed. 


Teddy was such a sweet hamster he loved treats, toys, and being held. Rest in peace, Teddy.


Snuffleupagus was the chillest, sweetest boy! He was the perfect animal ambassador for guinea pigs as he loved people and attention. He was friends with anyone he met, human or animal. He stole our hearts and now that he is gone, so is a piece of us. We miss you Snuffles!

Rainbow Bridge artwork created for MN Pocket Pet Rescue by Sam Pines Draws.

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