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Our patient volunteers provide nail trims for ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rabbits, rats, and sugar gliders for a suggested donation of $10 per pet. We also offer brushing for degus, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rabbits, rats, and sugar gliders for $5 per pet.



Saturday, April 27th

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Chuck & Don's Pet Food & Supplies

4255 Pheasant Ridge Drive NE - Unit 304

Blaine, MN 55449

Let us give your pocket pet a mani/pedi! Please note that wait times may vary depending on animal cooperation and social distancing restrictions.


All ferrets must be up to date on their rabies and distemper vaccines.

All rabbits must be up to date on their RHDV vaccine.

MNPPR requires proof of the above vaccine statuses upon registration. We will only accommodate clients who have pre-registered and provided proof of full vaccine coverage. If you have not completed this registration and provided proof, you and your pet will be unable to participate in that Nail Trim Clinic.

All other species of pocket pets do not require vaccines.


1. Before you attend the event, be sure to register for your selected event so that we can ensure we have the staff and time to attend to your pet. You must be registered to participate. If you are not registered, visit our website to complete the process. If you are in need of assistance, please utilize Facebook messenger to contact us.

2. Your pet must arrive in a secure and safe MNPPR approved carrier. A MNPPR approved carrier requires the following:


  1. Must be completely enclosed and secured.

  2. Must have adequate ventilation for proper breathing.

  3. Should be appropriately sized so that your pet can stand up and turn around inside the carrier (at a minimum.)


If you arrive with a carrier that is inappropriate you will be asked to leave for the safety of you, your pets, and everyone else. Alternatively, you may purchase a used one from us at a discounted rate or a new one from the store. Ask a volunteer for more information about our carriers if you have any questions!


3. Once you've arrived and are registered, check in with our volunteer at the Nail Trim station to drop off your pet(s) in a secure carrier. When you drop off your pet please let us know your preferred pick-up location (either the store entrance by the parking lot or at our nail trim station.) If you are not comfortable entering the store, please message us via Facebook for curbside assistance when you arrive.


4. Our volunteers will fill out a tag with your pet's information and services requested and attach it to your pet's carrier.

5. When your pet's trim is complete, we will let you know and you can pick them up at your preferred pick up area. We will have you check out with one of our volunteers to collect your donation and punch your loyalty card if applicable.

6. We request $10 per nail trim and $5 per brushing for each pet. We accept PayPal, Square, checks, and cash. To pay online, click here and choose your service. For your convenience, we offer free wifi at our events that you can use to make your payment online if you prefer.

Pay Online


You can purchase single or multiple services and make donations of any amount by visiting the link below to our Nail Trim Clinic shop.




Small Pet

Nail Trimmers


Large Pet

Nail Trimmers


Baby Nail Scissors


Human Nail Clippers


Emery Board


Antiseptic Powder




Rubber Brush


Soft Bristle Brush


Wide-Toothed Slicker Brush


Fine-Toothed Slicker Brush


Fine Long-Toothed Comb


Cotton Swabs


• Please bring your pet(s) in a secure carrier.

• Although we will have some treats on-site, we recommend bringing your pets' favorite treats along with you.

• Bring along or place in your pet's carrier their special blanket, items that smell like you, special toys, or other comfort items. If your pet is a species that eats hay, be sure to place some in their carrier with them for the trip.

• Use a transport box to coax your pet in and out of its cage and carrier.

• Traveling, attending events, meeting new people, and being groomed can all be quite stressful for pocket pets. Be mindful of your pet's stress level and be sure to give them plenty of personal space and time to recover after the Nail Trim Clinic.

• Sometimes your pet's nails may feel sharper right after their nails are trimmed. They should smooth out in a few days but be extra careful when handling your pet so as not to get scratched.

Loyalty Card



Sign up for our free loyalty card at one of our Nail Trim Clinics and redeem full cards for rewards. Each card holds ten punches. You will receive one punch for every $5 donated for a pocket pet nail trim or brushing session. 

Where do I sign up? You must attend one of our Nail Trim Clinics and sign up with us in person to receive your Loyalty Card.

What if I pre-paid online? If you've pre-paid online before the event, you must show proof on paper or your electronic device of the amount paid to get your card punched.

How do I pay online? You can use one of our pre-set links to purchase one or multiple nail trims and brushing sessions or select the "Make A Larger Donation" button to choose the amount you would like to donate. Click here to jump to our pre-pay section.

What if I forget my card? If you forget your card, we will issue you a new card. Any lost card punches will be forfeited until/unless the old card is located and turned in. If/when you bring both cards, we will transfer the punches from the old card to the new one, confiscate the old card, and write the date and information on it that it has been transferred. 

What if my donation is between $5 increments? If your donation is between each 5 dollar increment, we will round down when punching the card.

How do I redeem my card and receive my rewards? Choose your rewards by completing the form here. You will be asked which upcoming Nail Trim Clinic event you would like to turn in your Loyalty Card and pick up your rewards.

Redeem card


Turn in one card at a time or save up your cards for more rewards!





Pick one option below.

Three stickers

One sticker and a fire safety sticker pack

One sticker and one pin

One tote bag

One shirt

Ready to redeem your cards? Click the button below to choose your items and let us know what upcoming Nail Trim Clinic you will be picking up your rewards.


Please note: our volunteers are not trained grooming professionals but are trained in basic pocket pet handling, brushing, and nail trimming procedures. No grooming will be done beyond standard brushing and nail trims. We do not remove mats and recommend you take your pet to a professional groomer or veterinarian for safe mat removal. Any animals displaying signs of illness will not be allowed to participate in the Nail Trim Clinic for health and safety reasons. All ferrets must have proof of current rabies vaccine to participate.

Still have questions about our Nail Trim Clinics? Email us!

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