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MN Pocket Pet Rescue is a much-needed but small rescue. With the high demand for intake and limited resources, we are only able to accommodate a certain amount of animals. Unfortunately, our waiting list is currently at capacity. When our list opens up again, this page will revert to our normal surrender page with links to join the surrender waiting list.


If you need to re-home your pocket pet, you may try reaching out to one of the following rescues or public groups:

If you are seeking to return an animal that you have adopted from MNPPR

please contact our Director of Animal Welfare at



Are you surrendering due to behavioral issues? Email us and we may be able to help you work with your pet. Are you surrendering due to allergies to hay or litter? Try switching to a different kind of hay such as orchard grass or oat hay, or try a compressed hay item that has low dust. For bedding/litter try Carefresh or Yesterday's News.

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