Meet Rambutan, a single male gerbil in our trust training program. He has been in rescue since March of this year. 

Estimated birth date: 9/21/2018

Personality: Very shy (you are unable to touch this animal without it running away or being fearful, etc), Inquisitive, Energetic, Nervous, Previously Mouthy but this behavior has gone away over the last few months. 

Favorite treats: Sunflower nuts 

Favorite toys and activities: Running on his wheel & moving his bedding around in his cage. 

Potty trained: No.

BFF: No, this animal prefers to live alone.

Other species pet has been exposed to and reaction: None face to face. Other animals in the same room do not seem to bother him at all. 

Health concerns: None.

Behavioral concerns: Rambutan has come extremely far with his trust training program. He no longer bites when his foster has her hands in the cage and now responds to her voice to come for treats and to work on his comfort with handling. He still has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to his willingness to be held but with time may become more comfortable. 

To learn more about our trust training program, please visit mnpocketpetrescue.org/trust-training

Other notes: Rambutan never had the chance to learn how to be a proper gerbil. He does not grasp the concept of the dust bath although we have tried several different bathtubs including an actual mini bathtub.   

He is very fearful of being in an exercise ball so we would advise to avoid them with Rambutan. He used a travel carrier very willingly for being moved out of his cage for cleanings.


We would also like to note that he is a master of chewing on his wheels, he will pack them full of bedding & when he can't get them to move he will eat holes in them. We now have him using a wooden wheel, that he has yet to chew up, this wheel will go to the adoptive home with him. 

All bonded pairs must be adopted together.


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