Meet Maisy, a single spayed female rabbit who is being fostered near West Saint Paul, MN. She has been in rescue since April of 2019. 

Estimated birth date: 5/16/12

Personality: Inquisitive, Friendly toward humans, Sweet, introverted - She keeps to herself for the most part out of the cage but doesn't mind being approached for pets.

Favorite treats: Anything and everything you offer her.

Favorite toys and activities: She loves to explore her foster’s house and binky when she comes out from behind the furniture. Maisy also likes to sit on top of her igloos to get a better view of the world. She hasn’t played much with toys but we can tell she loves her apple sticks & digging in her blankets!

Potty trained: Litter box trained to perfection! 

This animal daily routine: She is used to being free to roam during the day as well as her feeding schedule of greens in the morning, pellets at night. Well staying with her temp foster she also enjoyed getting an Oxbow biscuit before bed when her guinea pig roommates get their vitamin C and she would beg for something as well.

BFF: No, but we encourage bonding to be attempted in her adoptive home. She has previously attempted bonding with a male rabbit that was not successful.

Other species this pet has been exposed to and reaction: Maisy has been face to face with dogs, cats, and rabbits, as well as guinea pigs through her cage. She doesn't mind the dogs as long as they are not up in her face. She ignores the cats even when they try to eat her hay. She also had no interest in the guinea pigs through the bars of the cage. As stated above, she had negative feelings towards a male rabbit when bonding was attempted.

Health concerns: No, her previous owner stated that Maisy has had some vision issues in the past but we do not see evidence of this during exams.

Behavioral concerns: None, Maisy is the ideal little rabbit.

Other Notes: Maisy is a super awesome rabbit; she is the cleanest bunny her foster has ever met. She uses the litter box 100% of the time and even keeps her hay tidy. She prefers her water from a crock and will beg for snacks if other pets are getting them. She is just an overall perfect bun!

All bonded pairs must be adopted together.


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