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Our rescue relies on people from the community to open up their homes to the pocket pets in our care because we do not have a shelter location. MNPPR provides everything you need to care for your foster pets including but not limited to proper housing, food, bedding, toys, and vet care. Fosters must commit to a minimum of one year of fostering. This is because we never know how long an animal may need to stay in rescue and it is especially stressful for pocket pets to be moved around.


Before you can foster any animals, you will be asked to answer questions on specific species' care, so be sure to check out our care guides! For more information, contact our Animal Care Manager, AmandaWe are currently in desperate need for foster homes that can foster chinchillas or rabbits. 


Before you fill out a foster application:

1. Be sure all your animals are up to date on their required vaccines and yearly exams. This includes but is not limited to dogs, cats, pocket pets, reptiles, birds, and exotics. You will be required to send us these records before we reach out to your references and before we begin to process your application.

2. Double-check your lease agreement regarding pet policies as we will be contacting your landlord.


3. Do lots of research on the species you'd like to foster before filling out your application! You can check out our care guides here.

Once you've completed the above:

1. Fill out a foster application here.


2. MNPPR will review your application including contacting references, anyone you live with, and your landlord when applicable. We will then email you to let you know if you have been approved for the next steps.


3. Our Animal Care Manager will make an appointment with you for a video call and brief orientation. The virtual home visit includes a video tour of your home to make sure that the space you would like to keep your foster animals in is safe and the proper size. This is a great time to ask any further questions you may have about fostering.

4. We will send you the links to complete our general volunteer and foster home guidelines/waiver online forms and add you to our Volunteers Facebook page if applicable. We will also send you your foster handbook which has lots of useful information including the passwords to our Volunteer Portal and Foster Portal pages.

5. On our Foster Portal, you next complete the care quizzes for any of the species you are interested in fostering and foster handbook quiz to ensure you've reviewed the foster handbook.

6. Once we've received your completed above quizzes, you will receive your final approval and we will begin arrangements for you to start fostering a pocket pet in need!

If you have questions or concerns throughout any of this process, please reach out to our Animal Care Manager, Amanda.

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