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The Pocket Pet Line Up:

The smallest of our line up, mice have made great pets for thousands of years due to their intelligence and friendliness. They don't require much cage space but are very active and thrive when given lots of attention.

Rats might have a bad reputation but they can be some of the best pets. Like mice they are smart and social but their increased size makes them easier to handle and harder to lose. Contrary to some beliefs pet (or fancy) rats are incredibly clean animals and do not carry diseases.

Hamsters may be the best known, and certainly most popular, pocket pets. There are several species that range in size, color, and amount of fur. They are incredibly cute but prone to being more solitary than some of their rodent cousins and may not bond as easily with people.

Gerbils are highly social and active animals that do best in pairs or a group with a few of their own kind. They are active both during the day and at night making them an entertaining friend to watch or play with at any time of day.

A cousin to guinea pigs and chinchilla's degu's look a lot like gerbils except larger and longer lived. They are friendly and highly energetic like gerbils while needing dust baths and lots of levels to jump around on like chinchillas.

Pet guinea pigs were one of the many traditions Europeans brought back with them from South America. These cuddly critters are used to large family groups and so love talking and playing with not only their own kind but people too.

While rabbits hiding eggs for Easter is a myth their fluffy cuteness cannot be overstated. There is a huge variety of breeds ranging from the tiny American Fuzzy Lop to the Flemish Giant which can rival the size of a medium dog. They require a big area to run in, a lot of playtime, and can eat their own body size in hay a day.

Ferrets can sometimes seem like playful, energy filled slinkys. They are one of the easier pocket pets to train but also can be one of the smelliness due to their natural scent glands. Like their cousins wolverines, minks, and weasels, ferrets are carnivorous hunters and may try to eat their fellow pocket pet cousins.

Chinchillas have had a turbulent history with humans that almost ended in their extinction when fur traders realized how amazingly soft their coats are. Their fur in so thick that if they bathed in water it would never dry out, instead they take dust baths in volcanic ash to keep their fur incredibly soft and sleek. They can be adventure and curious pets but are also somewhat wary of people and not big fans of cuddling.

The most solitary of the pocket pets hedgehogs can be a bit difficult to get to know. When they are nervous they roll up into a ball showing their sharp quills and protecting their soft tummy. They have adventurous and sweet personalities and love to run.

Not technically a mammal but a marsupial sugar gliders are adorable but incredibly sensitive pocket pets. They can actually glide through the air thanks to a gliding membrane attached from their ankle to their wrist. Glider's are very social animals and bond closely with their human parents as well as any other furry brothers and sisters.

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