Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!

People across the world just cannot get enough of Guinea pigs. With their fluffy potato looking body, their little legs, the squeaking, and the popcorning, Guinea pigs have captured the hearts of people across the world. So, it is only fitting that these little guys have their very own appreciation day! In honor of Guinea Pig Appreciation Day, we wanted to put out a special blog post dedicate to our furry little friends and why people just can’t get enough of them. Domestication Guinea pigs have been around for thousands of years. In 5000 BC they were first domesticated by the Inca's in Peru as a source of food. There are now no Guinea pigs known to be in the wild. They grew in popula

Oh My, What Big Teeth You Have!

Many pocket pets have teeth that never stop growing! All rodents and rabbits have continuously growing teeth. “Rodent” actually comes from the Latin word “to gnaw,” a nod to the constant chewing that helps keep teeth from becoming overgrown. While rodents and rabbits have continuously growing teeth, which teeth continuously grow varies from species to species. The guinea pig has continuously growing incisors (the sharp blade like teeth in the front of the mouth) and molars (the square grinding teeth in the back of the mouth). Mice, however, only have continuously growing incisors. Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters all are born with only one set of teeth, unlike humans,

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