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What is a pocket pet?


A pocket pet is any small mammal (with the exception of sugar gliders which are marsupials) that is commonly kept as a pet. MN Pocket Pet Rescue takes in the following species: chinchillas, degus, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rabbits, rats, and sugar gliders.


I want to get a pocket pet for my child, what species do you recommend?


For kids ages 5 - 9 we recommend rats or guinea pigs, for kids ages 10 - 13 we recommend guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, and degus. We do not recommend hedgehogs for children under the age of 13 and we do not recommend chinchillas or sugar gliders for children under the age of 16, and even then it depends on the child and the animal. Sugar gliders and chinchillas are a very big commitment as they have very long lifespans and sugar gliders require a lot of time and money to care for.


Do you ship animals?


No, we do not ship animals. No exceptions.

Can I surrender my pocket pet to MN Pocket Pet Rescue?


MN Pocket Pet Rescue is currently full. If you need to surrender your pet, please fill out a waiting list request form here. If you are unable to wait, please reach out to Animal Humane Society or other local rescues.


Are you surrendering due to behavioral issues? Email us and we may be able to help you work with your pet. Are you surrendering due to allergies to hay or litter? Try switching to a different kind of hay such as orchard grass or oat hay, or try a compressed hay item that has low dust. For bedding/litter try Carefresh or Yesterday's News.



I found a lost pocket pet, what should I do?


If you found a lost pocket pet, try to catch it and place it in a secure pet carrier or a box with holes punched in it. Treats can help get the animal to come to you. Feel free to email us if you need tips. Contact Animal Control or Animal Humane Society.



I found a nest of wild baby bunnies, can you take them?


If you find a nest of baby rabbits, leave them alone. Mother rabbits are not always in the nest and just because you cannot see her does not mean she has abandoned her kits.


"If you find a baby wild rabbit that is not injured, leave it alone. It is most likely not abandoned unless you know for a fact that you killed their mother. Rabbits return to feed their young only once or twice a day for a few minutes, usually at night. Just because the babies have been by themselves for 5 minutes does not mean that they have been abandoned. The mother is typically gone from the nest to eat and draw attention away from the nest. Additionally, baby wild rabbits can survive on their own at a surprisingly young age. In most countries, it is also illegal to possess and take care of wildlife without proper permits."  (Source)


If you know for sure the mother rabbit has been killed and the babies are particularly young, please contact the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. MN Pocket Pet Rescue does not have the capacity to take in any wild animals.



I need to rehome my dog, cat, reptile, or bird, can you take them?


Unfortunately, we only take in pocket pets, not cats, dogs, reptiles, or birds. While we would love to help you out with your pets, we do not have the capability. Please contact one of the following rescues:



Animal Care Team


Heat mat thermostat digital thermometers

(for hedgehog habitats)

Heat lamps

(for hedgehog habitats)

Temperature guns

(for hedgehog habitats)

Digital thermometer

(for hedgehog habitats)

Small scales

(to monitor the health of foster pets)

Large scales

(to monitor the health of foster pets)

Unscented, unopened bags of paper bedding such as CareFresh or recycled paper pellet litter

(to provide bedding and litter for foster pets)

Unused wood or lava chews

(to provide dental care and enrichment for foster pets)

Crafty Creators Team


Velcro strips

(to make ramp covers)

Anti-pill fleece

(to make bedding)

Cotton cloth

(to make beds)

Thread (beige, black, or white)

(for various crafts)

Shoe laces

(for various crafts)

U-Haul furniture pad blankets

(for various crafts)

Shower curtain rings

(for hay sacks, ramp covers)

Supplies Team


Cub gift card

Target gift card

PetSmart gift card

PetCo gift card

Chewy gift card

(to purchase fresh vegetables and other supplies for animals)

Community Outreach Team


Heavy-duty gloves

(for safely handling animals)

Transport Team

Medium-sized dog kennels

(for transporting animals)

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