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Who Needs The Most Space?

If you are thinking of adding a pocket pet to your family an important first step is to make sure you have space enough for them and all their stuff. Just like these unique animals sizes and shapes differ so do their housing requirements.

Former fosters Gambit and Sabertooth

Hamsters, Gerbils, and Mice are happy in smaller cages

A cage of at least 2 cubic feet per critter is enough room for them to sleep, play, and live in. To get the most out of the space add levels. These guys are quite acrobatic and enjoy climbing, burrowing, and just plain exploring.

Rats and Degu need medium sized cages

These guys are a bit bigger but just as active so they need a larger cage to stretch out their larger bodies. 4 cubic feet per animal is a good start. While they may not be as partial to burrowing they do still love to climb and nest in fuzzy hammocks.

Hedgehogs, Guinea Pigs, and Rabbits need larger cages but prefer to stay on one level

These guys aren’t climbers like many of their rodent cousins and prefer that their home is a single story or has a long gently sloping ramp between levels they can walk up and down safely. They are however still very active and so need around 10 cubic feet of space per animal.

Chinchillas and Ferrets need large cages

These guys are high energy, very active, and need lots of space to explore and exercise in; at least 5 cubic feet is needed for chinchilla’s and 15 for ferrets.

Sugar Gliders need the most room

They are built to guild from tree to tree so not only does their cage need to be tall but it also needs to be big and have many different levels for them to climb up and jump from. At least 27 cubic feet is needed for each glider and they need to be kept with at least one buddy.

These measurements are just a starting point, bigger spaces and creative decorating are always appreciated. The more exercise and enrichment you can give your pocket pet the healthier they will be both physically and mentally. For more information and ideas check out our care sheets.

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